October 2, 2022

Italy's second unicorn, Sequoia's fifth partner in Europe and a breakthrough for self-driving cars — Startup Europe, The Sifted Podcast

This week on Startup Europe — The Sifted (mini) Podcast, we chat about breakthroughs in antibiotics and self driving cars

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We're preparing for our Sifted Summit next week, so we have a mini episode of the podcast out this week, chatting through the biggest headlines in European tech:

  • Italy got its second unicorn when payments company Satispay raised a chunky €320m Series D round — it's now the country's largest mobile payments provider;
  • Paris-based startup Phagos has raised €2.4m to try to fight one of medicine's biggest challenges: antibacterial resistance;
  • US VC heavyweight Sequoia has hired its fifth partner in Europe;
  • And Wayve, an autonomous vehicle startup, says it’s come up with a breakthrough that could solve one of the main roadblocks to getting self-driving cars, trucks and buses onto our roads.