December 16, 2020

MessageBird acquires Pusher in $35m deal

The platform wants to create a "messaging-first world" and sees the deal as part of that

Freya Pratty

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Robert Vis, Messagebird

Cloud communications platform MessageBird has acquired real time notifications company Pusher, in a move to broaden the communications channels it can offer to customers and continue its path to IPO.

The deal, which sees Amsterdam-based MessageBird acquire London-based Pusher for $35m, comes two months after MessageBird raised a $200m Series C round, increasing its valuation to $3bn.

“We’re focused on creating a messaging-first world,” says Robert Vis, the founder and CEO of MessageBird. The company’s existing infrastructure helps companies communicate with customers across multiple channels — including WhatsApp, SMS, WeChat and Telegram — and it’s currently used by 15,000 companies.


Pusher delivers real time notifications, such as those used by news outlets to deliver breaking news alerts, as well as providing location tracking software. Its current clients include GitHub, MailChimp, CodeShip and The Financial Times.

“Together we have an even better proposition for our customers,” says Vis. “Notifications can be done with Pusher and then customer support requests can be done by MessageBird.”

Coronavirus has speeded up the necessity of companies having efficient messaging systems, he says.

“Now it’s a topic in the boardroom of every company — how do we attract and retain customers in a digital world where physical meetings might not be possible. And that all boils down to interacting with customers in the most efficient way.”

To do so, a lot of companies are also looking to use one single tool for their communications, something that Vis says has played into the acquisition strategy pursued by MessageBird.

“There’s a macrotrend towards communications infrastructure — people don’t want loads of tools for different things, they want one tool that does everything they need.”

It was reported in June that MessageBird is preparing an IPO and the bolstering of its portfolio through acquisitions is seen as part of preparations for that. 

Vis remains tight lipped on the plans, but acquisitions will remain part of its strategy, he says. “We’re looking for great teams and great people to come and help us out.” 

Freya Pratty

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