February 2, 2023

Italian sales software platform Superlayer raises $1.3m from star-studded list of investors

Superlayers claims its SaaS platform will help sales teams save time, win more deals and bring in more revenue

Amy O'Brien

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The Superlayer team

Italian-founded, London HQ’d SaaS startup Superlayer has raised a $1.3m pre-seed for its sales pipeline management software, at a time when European tech companies are desperate to bring in more cash. 

Founder and CEO Federico Samuelly is based in Milan, and his team is scattered across the UK, Italy and France. But the UK will be Superlayer’s key focus market as it launches today. 

Sifted rarely covers pre-seed funding announcements, but Superlayer’s list of investors was hard to ignore. Co-leading the round are early stage B2B investor Triple Point Ventures and Monzo-backers Concept Ventures. Joining them are Notion Capital, Accel Starters, Exor Seeds and some big name angel investors including Charlie Delingpole, Will Neale, and Luca Ascani. 


What does Superlayer do? 

Superlayer is part of a cohort of startups that have piqued investor interest this year amid tougher economic conditions by offering tools to improve cashflow and reduce inefficiencies. The company’s no-code platform helps sales teams improve their deal pipeline and forecast the value of potential deals.   

This kind of predictive sales forecasting has been a holy grail in sales for many years. While some companies have launched predictive tools, it hasn’t been very reliable, sales professionals say. That means forecasts are often simply done manually. 

And at the beginning of Q2 this year, Superlayer plans to launch "conversation intelligence" to help managers better coach their teams by providing them insights on what they are doing well and where they could improve. The idea is that Superlayer’s platform will help managers better coach their teams by providing them insights on how sales employees are performing. For example, “Steve is very good at closing, but very bad at objection handling”; or “Fiona is struggling with discovery questions and here are three examples of how she could do that better.” Bow down to your virtual sales overlords. 

“Our aim is to become the operating system of revenue teams, while the CRM will be more and more like their database,” Samuelly tells Sifted.

Superlayer already has customers across Italy, the UK, the US and France signed up. 

It’s targeting mid-market technology (or "tech-enabled") companies in the UK and most of Europe, with revenue and sales teams ranging from three to four people all the way up to 100. Samuelly tells Sifted he’s already been getting requests from US companies after his software, too. 

Superlayer charges clients on a "per seat" monthly subscription basis, which varies in costs depending on how many team members use its platform.  

Superlayer currently consists of a team of five, based across Italy, France and the UK, and Samuelly plans to double the size of his team by the end of the year. New recruits will be split between the UK and Italy, with sales hires based in the former and engineering hires based in the latter. 

Sifted’s take 

As we said with all the newly minted CFO tools startups that cropped up in 2022, now is a better time than ever to launch software that promises to cut costs and bring in more revenue. And if Superlayer’s predictive tech and ability to coach salespeople to be better is good enough, it could give it an edge in an industry that’s dominated by huge incumbents like Salesforce. 

That said, sales professionals say that no-code tools do have their limits, which means companies usually need to graduate to more sophisticated systems like Salesforce as they scale.  

Amy O’Brien is Sifted’s fintech reporter. She authors Sifted’s fintech newsletter and tweets from @Amy_EOBrien.


Amy O'Brien

Amy O'Brien is a reporter at Sifted. She covers fintech and writes our weekly fintech newsletter . Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn