March 9, 2021

20 European tech leaders to follow on Clubhouse

Who's worth following on Clubhouse from Europe's startup scene?

Cecile Bussy

5 min read

In 2021, a new phenomenon hit Europe’s startup ecosystem: Clubhouse. Since January, you’d be forgiven for thinking all of Europe’s iPhone-owning VCs and founders were spending hours every day on the audio-only social app to chat about the latest tech news and investment trends. 

From angel investors offering startup advice and women tech workers finding a space to support one another, to VCs bragging about their portfolios and founders shamelessly promoting their businesses, being on Clubhouse is variously helpful, entertaining — and annoying.

Regardless, the app is growing fast: from 5.3m early February, Clubhouse’s downloads jumped to over 11m weekly users worldwide in March 2021. In Europe, it’s proved most popular in Germany, Russia, Italy, the UK and France.

Clubhouse's latest data March 2021
Clubhouse's latest data from App Annie (1 March 2021)

Still, more users — more noise. 

So who in Europe’s startup scene is worth following on Clubhouse — and why? Here’s our pick:

Akash Bajwa @akashbajwa

Who is he? Investment analyst at fintech-focused VC firm Augmentum
What does he talk about? Founder of the European Tech Club, he moderates conversations in the Club and drops smart comments about European tech and fintech. 

June Angelides @juneangelides

Who is she? She’s an investor at London-based VC firm Samos Investments and the founder of child-friendly coding school Mums in Technology.
What does she talk about? The impact of Brexit on startups and early-stage startup tips. 

June Angelides

Hampus Jakobsson @hajak

Who is he? He’s one of the three general partners of climate tech VC Pale Blue Dot.
What does he talk about? ESG and impact investment, climate tech and Nordic tech. 

Andy Davis @andydavis

Who is he? He’s an angel investor in the UK and an advocate for diversity in tech.
What does he talk about? Diversity in tech, angel investing and supporting founders.  

Anja Hendel @anja_hendel 

Who is she? She’s the managing director at German digital consultancy Diconium.
What does she talk about? If you’re interested in mobility, women in tech and the German ecosystem, get in a Clubhouse room with her: she’s in charge of the Deep Dive Mobility room (in German).

Anja Hendel - Clubhouse

Adriana Freitas @adrianafreitas 

Who is she? She’s a partner at early-stage tech impact VC Deepgreen Impact VC and founder of global VC firm Muster Ventures.  

What does she talk about? She hosts a weekly chat about impact investing on Wednesdays and is involved in many conversations about investment, sustainability tech and VCs. 

Samuel Gil @samuelgil 

Who is he? He’s a partner at Madrid-based early-stage VC firm JME Ventures.
What does he talk about? VCs and startups in Spain (in Spanish and English). 

Anna Alex @annaalex

Who is she? She’s the founder of carbon offsetting software Planetly and cofounder of personal shopping service Outfiterry.
What does she talk about? Everything related to climate change and climate tech news. 

Nicolas Dessus @nicolasdsu

Who is he? He’s the cofounder of VC bootcamp @babyVC and part of the @frenchfounders community
What does he talk about? French tech. He hosts conversations every Tuesday (in French). 

Nicolas Dessus Clubhouse

Sara Essa @sarae

Who is she? She’s an On Deck Fellow and host of Pitch Deck, a podcast about the stories of founders designing and presenting their pitch desks to investors.
What does she talk about? Founder of Clubhouse’s Sustainability Club, she organises conversations about SDGs, ocean conservation and sustainability business leaders and hosts other chats to introduce Clubhouse to new joiners and aspiring influencers.   

Rachel Carrell @rachcarrell

Who is she? Founder and CEO of childcare startup Koru Kids.
What does she talk about? She cofounded the room Startup Radio with entrepreneur and angel investor Jess Butcher, where participants share about the highs and lows of their startup journeys. She’s also the host of the Bringing Up Great Kids room where she features mum founders. 

Arman Anaturk @armana

Who is he? He’s the founder of global foodtech community and host of The Secret Sauce, a podcast featuring entrepreneurs and innovators in the food industry.
What does he talk about? He runs the New Food Media room, a place to chat about foodtech news and brainstorm business ideas. 

Arman Anaturk Clubhouse

Hugo Amsellem @hugo

Who is he? He’s the founder of Twitter consultancy Atitlan and the author of the Creator Economy newsletter.
What does he talk about? He manages the Creator Economy Club which has a weekly chat on Fridays about the latest trends and news on the passion economy.  

Jess Butcher @jessbutcher 

Who is she? An entrepreneur and angel investor, she cofounded and hosts the room Startup Radio with Rachel Carrell where participants talk about the highs and lows of their startup journeys.
What does she talk about? Entrepreneurship, Clubhouse growth hacking and creator tips. She also runs weekly public speaking sessions on Fridays. 

Guillaume Gibault @ggibault 

Who is he? He’s the founder of @jyvaismaisjaipeur, an Instagram account sharing entrepreneurial tips, and the president of French underwear company @leslipfrancais.
What does he talk about? He hosts Live Entrepreneur on Wednesdays where he shares tips about building startups. 

Roberta Lucca @beta

Who is she? She’s a coach, entrepreneur and a host of the HyperCurious podcast where entrepreneurs share the best and worst for their professional journeys. 

What does she talk about? Personal branding, women in tech, community building and entrepreneurship tips. 

Roberta Lucca Clubhouse

Lars Markull @larsmar

Who is he? He is a business developer at embedded banking service provider WearPayments.
What does he talk about? Fintech, banking-as-a-service and open banking. 

Erika Batista @erika 

Who is she? She’s head of international expansion at startup accelerator On Deck and former director at European accelerator The Family.

What does she talk about? On Deck community Club, the creator economy, community building, public speaking and French culture.

Fred Destin @fdestin

Who is he? He’s the founder of early-stage VC firm Stride.   
What does he talk about? Building startups and raising funds from angels and VC firms. 

Roxanne Varza @roxannevarza 

Who is she? She’s the director of France’s startup campus Station F.
What does she talk about? The French tech ecosystem, tips to build a startup and investment.

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