The European startups layoff list

A regularly updated list of layoffs and furloughs at European startups resulting from Covid-19.

By Isabel Woodford

European startups have, so far, avoided the mass layoffs seen in the US as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

But they have made heavy use of the various job retention schemes offered by their governments: in France alone 61% of startups say they have used or are planning to use the state’s ‘chômage partiel’ scheme.

At Sifted, we’ve started a project to track the European startups we know have staff on furlough (or are making staff redundant).

The hope is that it’ll be a useful resource for the community, but particularly for hiring managers and founders looking to find new talent. Maybe we can even help some workers find new homes.

This is compiled of public information, company/ investor briefings and off-the-record sources. We would love your help though to make the list as complete as possible. Email tips to [email protected] and [email protected].

Startups that have furloughed staff

Startups that have made (Covid-19-related) layoffs