32 European sustainability leaders to follow on Twitter

Who should you follow on Twitter to get the latest insights on Europe's climate tech?

By Cecile Bussy

Genevieve Leveille

Europe’s sustainability tech scene is getting pretty big now, but there are a few distinctive voices that are especially worth paying attention to.

We’ve tracked down Europe’s most active ones on Twitter who share smart content on how technology can help us tackle the climate crisis and support founders who are building climate-friendly businesses. 

Who are they –– and how did their sustainability journey start?  

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Elina Kajosaari

Elina Kajosaari –– @ElinaKsaari

Who? CEO of Compensate. 

What’s her story? Kajosaari became Compensate’s CEO only six months after she took the role of COO. The Helsinki-based startup is setting a new standard to create reliable carbon offsetting solutions for businesses. 

She previously worked at Microsoft and customer data platform Avaus –– and has spent two years on the investment side at Avanto Ventures. 

How about those tweets? She tweets both in English and Finnish about climate news and how climate technologies can bring about solutions to the crisis. 

Hampus Jakobsson –– @hajak 

Who? Founding partner at Pale Blue Dot. 

What’s his story? Jakobsson is one of the founding partners of Pale Blue Dot –– Europe’s first climate tech fund which invests in startups in any sector as long as their products could help solve the climate crisis. He’s engaged in European climate tech conversations on Clubhouse, panel discussions and Twitter. 

Previously, he’s founded Malmö Startups, a startup community in southern Sweden and has backed health care communication platform Engaging Care as an angel investor.

How about those tweets? He shares content about investment, startup building and climate tech.

Roelof Pieters –– @graphific 

Who? CTO & founder of overstory. 

What’s his story? Pieters is a serial entrepreneur who’s committed to using his tech skills to solve climate change. He’s founded AI-driven creative studio Creative. AI and energy transition consulting firm Sunshine Lab before launching Overstory ai. 

The startup provides forest intelligence to help NGOs, governments and corporate organisations to combat deforestation, protect forests against wildfires and insect outbreaks. 

How about those tweets? His feed is about forest conservation, nature-based solutions and corporate climate actions.

Genevieve Leveille

Genevieve Leveille –– @GinouInLondon

Who? Founder and CEO of AgriLedger.

What’s her story? With her background in biochemistry, Leveille has worked in finance and energy in the US before moving to Jersey, UK, to launch AgriLedger, an agricultural-focused blockchain provider that tracks food supply chains, from seed to customer for farmers, suppliers and governments. 

She’s a board member of Resurgence, a consulting company that supports governments and cities to manage and reduce climate risk. She made it to the FT Top 100 BAME  leaders influencing the tech sectors in 2019.

How about those tweets? She shares about cryptocurrency, NFTs and agriculture.

Stefano Bernardi –– @stefanobernardi 

Who? Cofounder of VC Samantic Ventures and Smallholding.

What’s his story? VC, angel and private family fund manager, Bernardi is well-vested in the world of investment. He’s also co-founded Kickpay, an intelligent inventory for hardware companies. He was part of VC Atomico 2018 Angel Programme. 

As part of private investment vehicle Smallholding, he’s backed impact investing platform Tickr, plastic eating enzymes startup Mellyzime and Seaborg, a company that builds molten salt-based nuclear energy reactors.

How about those tweets? He writes threads and retweets content about investment, climate tech and cryptocurrency.

Pia Henrietta Moon –– @PiaHenriettaM 

Who? Cofounder and CEO of Carboculture

What’s her story? While a student at Vienna University of Economics and Business, Henrietta Moon took part in the Global Solutions Programme, a selective programme to develop tech-based solutions to global challenges and cofounded Mehackit, which teaches students and teachers to use programming in virtual arts and music. 

She left in 2016 to launch Carbo Culture –– which makes high-end biocarbons from woody residues to sequester CO2 –– and took part in StartX in 2019, Stanford’s founder community, which includes tech leaders from escooter startup Lime and membership platform Patreon.

How about those tweets? She shares content about climate change and climate tech.

Danijel Višević

Danijel Višević –– @visevic

Who? Climate tech investor at Ecosia. 

What’s his story? A former VC & startup journalist for Deutsche Welle and Krautreporter, Danijel Višević managed communications for the German government and Project A Ventures. He joined tree-planing web browser Ecosia in April 2020 to launch its climate fund. 

Since it has invested in different climate change-focused projects, including youth-led climate activism. He’s also an advisor at the Greentech Alliance, a community of 500+ greentech startups around the world.

How about those tweets? He tweets in German and English about climate news, carbon emissions and climate policy.

Benjamin Tincq –– @btincq

Who? Founder of Good Tech Lab.  

What’s his story? Tincq has been navigating the world of sustainability, investment and startup building for the past few years: after graduating from Institut Polytechnique de Paris, he worked as a Greentech Consultant and cofounded social innovation think tank Ouishare. Then, he launched Good Tech Lab, an impact-focused research firm with his life partner Manuella Cunha Brito.

He’s currently building a climate tech accelerator with Jonny Everett, former programme manager at Entrepreneur First in Paris.

How about those tweets? As for his Twitter feed, Tincq shares content about business, engineering and tech –– and how their intersection can help solve climate change.

Charmian Love –– @charmianlove

Who? Cofounder and activist in Residence at B Lab UK. 

What’s her story? Her entrepreneurial journey started at Volans, which she co-founded with John Elkington and Pamela Hartigan. In 2015, she launched Heliotropy with Amanda Feldman –– that she still runs –– a venture that supports impact-driven projects. The same year, she also started B Lab UK, non-profit supporting purpose-driven businesses. 

She’s been teaching impact innovation since 2017 and started to play the role of a climate advisor to the dean of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford last year.  

How about those tweets? She shares about climate tech, ocean tech and news about climate change. 

John Elkington –– @volansjohn  

Who? Cofounder of Volans.

What’s his story? A sustainability advocate, Elkington has been involved in numerous sustainability-focused ventures including Environmental Data Services and SustainAbility, before founding Volans in 2008. The company helps business leaders build impact-driven sustainable companies. He recently published his 20th book Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism, which aims to help businesses adapt to the global sustainability shift. 

Elkington was a faculty member of the World Economic Forum from 2002-2008 and took fourth place in the Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility in 2009. 

How about those tweets? His Twitter feed is about climate change news and sustainability in the business and financial worlds. 

Who else should you follow on Twitter? Find the full 32 on our Twitter list here.  

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Cecile Bussy is a freelance writer interested in remote work, climate tech, and sustainable business. She tweets from @CecileBussy

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